With our selection of different massages, there is the right choice for everyone. How about a classic massage? Or would you prefer an invigorating honey back massage with pure natural honey? You are spoiled for choice.


Classic Massage

A classic massage relaxes, loosens and stretches the muscular tissue. It stimulates the blood flow to the tissue and the skin, which has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system and overall sense of well-being.

25 mins EUR 43.00

50 mins EUR 73.00

75 mins EUR 107.00

Sports massage

The muscles and the connective tissue are loosened with a slightly mote intense massage technique that uses a greater amount of pressure. This stimulates the circulation and optimises muscular regeneration. We recommend this treatment for revitaliation after an exercise session to get you in shape for your next athletic challenge!

25 mins EUR 45.00

50 mins EUR 75.00

foot massage

The body is a sophisticated system of finley attuned elements working together. This massage sets regenerativ impulses to activate the body's self-healing powers and loosen tense muscles. It also helps with headaches, digestive problems and sleep disorders.

25 mins EUR 43.00

Hot Stone Massage

Has a revitalising effect and restores the balance between body and mind. A combination of soothing massage techniques uses precious oils and the in-depth effect of heated massage stones. The heat of the basalt stones loosens the deeper layer of the muscles and tackles tensions and blockages

25 mins EUR 49.00

75 mins EUR 115.00

Herbal compress massage

Linen sachets filled with herbs are moves across tense muscles in a circular, gently tapping motion. Thanks to the interplay between heat, massage techniques and aromas, tense muscles are loosened and the metabolism is stimulated. The detoxifying components of the herbs penetrate deep into the skin, triggering off detoxification processes.

50 mins EUR 79.00

Relaxing massage of face and head

Different massage techniques loosen tensions in the area of the face, head and back of the neck. You will be gliding into total relaxation in no time at all, while blockages are loosend and headaches soothed. Switch off and enjoy!

25 mins EUR 41.00

Aroma Relax Massage

The Aroma Relax Massage is a wellness massage designed to relax body and spirit. Wonderfully fragrant oils and gentle massage techniques have a harmonising effect and are true stress busters. The massage aims at restoring the harmony between body and spirit and replenish your energy levels.

25 mins EUR 45.00

50 mins EUR 75.00

Fit Combination Massage

The perfect combination of a classic partial-body massage and a foot massage. The foot massage provides the body with regenerative impulses to stimulate its self-healing powers and to loosen tense muscles. The back massage relaxes, soothes and stretches the muscular tissue while strengthening the muscles at the same time.

50 mins EUR 75.00

Signature Treatment

This massage uses several different techniques based on your individual need in order to achieve the best possible treatment effect.

45 mins EUR 75.00

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui

This body treatment originated in Hawaii and uses a holistic approach to foster the harmonious interplay of body and spirit. Typical for the Lomi Lomi massage is that therapists use not just their hands, but also ther forearms. The treatment aims at restoring your inner balance.

80 mins EUR 119.00

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the transport of lymphatic fluid in the lymphatic vessels, thereby supporting the removal of metabolic products. Gentle stroking movements on the skin also dissolve local lymphatic blockages that are often a by-product of chronic inflammations, sports injuries or surgery.

25 mins EUR 45.00

50 mins EUR 75.00

Honey Back Massage

This special kneading massage uses pure natural honey and stimulates the metabolism, removing toxins from the tissue and loosening the muscles. The honey has a moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates the circulation.

25 mins EUR 45.00

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