Facial treatments & Make up

Our RELAX area offers more than saunas and indoor pool. How about a relaxing facial treatment?

Facial treatments


Intense effectiveness and relaxation within a short period of time.

Cleansing, pre-peel phase, massage, moisturiser

25 mins EUR 43.00


REVIDERM uses innovative ingredient complexes to stimulate the skin's natural regenerative mechanisms. The skin's own collagen production is stimulated, wrinkles are corrected, and the receptiveness of the cells is increased.

Cleansing, pre-peel phase, massage, mask, active-ingredient concentrate, moisturiser

50 mins EUR 75.00

Cleansing, pre-peel phase, extraction, eye-brow shaping, active-ingredient concentrate, massage, mask, hand massage moisturiser

80 mins EUR 109.00


Targets the visible signs of aging in line with the individual requirements of you skin. The hydrolage mask helps lock the active ingredients in the deeper layers of the skin. Moistuer levels are replenished and the "restructuring bio-lifting" effect takes hold.

Cleansing, pre-peel phase, extraction, eyebrow-shaping, active-ingredient complex, massage, collagen sheet mask hydrolage, hand massage, moisturiser

80 mins EUR 129.00

REVIDERM Collagen Eye Treatment

Especially developed for the sensitive eye area that is to prone to dryness and needs extra care. In combination with the collagen pads, this highly concentrated complex of active ingredients puts the sparkle back in your eyes with immediate effect.

Cleansing, brief eye massage, collagen eye mask, active ingredient complex, moisturiser

25 mins EUR 45.00

REVIDERM fruit acid treatment soft

Cell-activating, in-depth cleansing removes dead skin cells with the help of fruit acid. The skin's regenerative processes are acitvated, active ingredients are absorbed more efficiently, and the skin is given a natural freshness boost. Ideal for trating linkes and wrinkles, scars, excessive pigmentation and blemidhes. Not available during the summer.

Cleansing, fruit-acid peeling, active-ingredient complex, masage, mask, moisturiser

50 mins EUR 79.00

Cleansing, fruit-acid peeling, extraction, eye-brow shaping, active-ingredient complex, massage, mask, hand massage moisturiser

80 mins EUR 115.00

REVIDERM Special Treatment for impure skin

Targeted treatment for problem skin, wether age-related (young skin) or hormonal. The treatment uses the ageLOC Lumi Spa, which is 4 times more effective in cleansing the pores. In-depth cleansning removes impurities at the root and the mask prevents inflammations.

Cleansing using the ageLOC Lumi Spa, enzymatic peeling, extraction, glacier mud mask, moisturiser

50 mins EUR 79.00

Cleansing using the ageLOC Lumi Spa, enzymatic peeling, extraction, glacier mud mask, moisturiser

80 mins EUR 115.00


Manicure without varnish EUR 45.00

Manicure with varnish (incl. your varnish as a gift) EUR 53.00

Eyes (may only be booked in combination with a facial tratment)

eyebrow shaping EUR 15.00

eyebrow tint EUR 15.00

lash tint EUR 15.00

Hair removal

Waxing (hair removal using hot wachs) from EUR 15.00

Sugaring (hair removal using sugar paste) from EUR 15.00

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